BOX OF JOLI is a A Mindfully Curated Subscription Gift Box by Award Winning Experts in Beauty, Health, & Wellness

Jenny is a nurse practitioner and owner of her very own medical spa. Jenny carefully picks the amazing medical grade skincare that you will find in your box. She was also voted our community’s “Best Nurse Practitioner” and “Best Medical Spa” two years in a row. 
*Fun Fact: Jenny was also a pageant queen and is a master trinket collector!
Melissa is an esthetician, yoga teacher, and owner/operator of her esthetics business. Melissa is also the creator of the hand made luxury soap and body products placed carefully in your box. Melissa was voted our community’s “Best Esthetician” and “Best Hair Removal”.
*Fun Fact: Melissa can jump in the air and click her heels twice before she lands!
Heather is a hair stylist/colorist with over 15 years in the industry. She is a co-owner in her own hair salon, The Salon at Terra Bella. Heather takes her time choosing the best salon-grade hair products to be nestled in your box. Heather was voted our community’s “Best Colorist”.
*Fun Fact: Heather is excellent at doing the splits!
Emily is a cool chick that owns her own “adult” supply/party business. She scours through thousands of items to find the perfect sexual wellness items to fit in your box. Our community doesn’t have a category for “Best Sexual Wellness Curator”, but if they did, she too, would be the best.
*Fun Fact: Emily loves to do late night headstands and her party trick is that she can open a beer bottle with her teeth!

The BOX OF JOLI story…….

Box of JOLI was incubated and hatched by members of The JOLI Beauty Bar team during the CoronaVirus Quarantine. Each individual team member of theBox of JOLI is a small business owner and an award winning expert in their industry. Every shipment of Box of JOLI contains hand selected items associated with Skin.Body.Hair.JOY! from the field of expertise associated with each individual expert and their small business.

Each Box will contain medical grade skincare products and beauty accessories selected by Jenny Berry, Nurse Practitoner and owner of JOLI Medispa. Melissa Leblanc, an esthetician and yoga instructor will select handmade bath and body products along with mind and body products. Salon Grade Hair products and accessories in each box is selected by Heather Oalmann, Hair Stylist and Colorist. “Adult” Sexual Health products are chosen by Emily Geigerman, owner of Pink Inc Parties.  Each box will also have additional accessories and hand selected gifts that bring the members of our team joy.   Want to learn more about our expert award winning team?  Visit the beauty bar website:

Check out the “How it Works” tab to find examples of previous shipments of Box of JOLI!