“VAGIC WAND” by Pink Inc.

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Say Hello to Your Little Friend and see why this product can’t be kept in stock at your local adult stores!!   Check out the product image gallery on this one of a kind adult toy!   Follow us on Social Media, as we have some amazing toys in production By PINK Inc. for the BOX of JOLI Subscribers!!  Click the links below to follow:

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Product Description:

“Vagic Wand” is a small production toy by Pink Inc. made just for the BOX Of JOLI ladies!!  It is a toy designed for her with Intense Suction and 2 Pleasure Attachments . You can customize your experience with a round and oval option for your erogenous areas. 4 Powerful Motors Offer 3 Suction Patterns, 7 Tongue Motion Patterns & 10 Vibration Patterns.Choose your pleasure with tongue stimulation, vibration, and suction separately or together. A Vibrating Silicone Handle Offers Powerful G-Spot Stimulation Equipped with its own motor, the ergonomic handle provides comfort and incredible G-spot stimulation!

Operating Instructions: Suction, Tongue, and Vibration can be used simultaneously or independently. *Tongue Power On/Off: Press the tongue power button to initiate tongue motion. Press the power button to cycle through 7 tongue motion patterns. Press and hold to turn off. *Vibration Power On/Off: Press the vibration power button to initiate vibration. Press the power button to cycle through 10 patterns of vibration. Press and hold toturn off. *Suction Power On/Off: Locate the convenient release button that can be used to pulse or stop suction. Press and hold the suction power button to initiate suction. Press and hold to turn off suction.


Material: Silicone Tongue with Soft TPE Sleeve Magnetic USB Charger – It cums with a light charge right out of the box! Conveniently rechargeable, offering hours of enjoyment. Length: 10 in. – ( 25.4 cm ) Width: 1.5 in. – ( 3.8 cm )


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