“VAGIC NADO” By Pink Inc.

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From the producers of “Vagic Wand” comes your next thriller, “VAGIC NADO!!” Experience this stimulating ride before they sell out!  

Stimulation via penetration feels good. On the other hand, someone sucking your clit also feels exhilarating. But have you experienced these stimuli simultaneously? If you haven’t, then you better get the Pink Inc.  Little Friend Vibrator and join the bandwagon towards back-bending orgasms.

This Vibrator can provide throbbing sensations in your G-spot, while it lightly pulsates the vulva. It’s as if you’re experiencing penetration, and oral sex at the same time. How titillating does that sound?

This wicked toy’s material is silicone. It can give your sweet spot a hardcore massage but remains gentle on your skin. That’s because silicone is smooth and phthalate-free. This material is also very flexible and bendable, so it can follow the curves of your love tunnel without causing any discomfort.

You can choose from the 10 types of vibrations available. While the luscious shaft with a bulbous tip massages your G-spot, the clit massager will caress your bean from the outside.

You can dive into the bathtub with this clam-shaped toy stuck in your vagina because this toy is water-resistant. Let your imagination run wild, as you Ay experience dual stimulations no matter where you are.

You can use this naughty toy during your foreplay, what a great value for your money!


  • Soft silicone
  • 10 vibration functions
  • Size: Insertable 5.5″; Diameter 1.4″
  • Ultra Silent
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof



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